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What is good news in Dayton?

Good News in Dayton was founded in 2008 by Marty Grunder as a response to an overwhelming amount of criticism for his favorite city and hometown, Dayton, Ohio.  ‘As I listened to story after story of what was bad going on in Dayton, I could not help but think about all the good things going on to the region I was born and raised in.  So I approached WHIO Radio and asked them if I could do my own 60 second news stories about good things happening that the news doesn’t talk about.  And the rest is history.  We’ve produced over 400 spots highlighting good people, good events, good organizations, and good deeds.’

Listen to WHIO 1290 AM and 95.7 FM 7 days a week to hear the spots or visit this website frequently as they are all posted here.  Additionally read other Good News in Dayton on one of 3 social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  (make those all hyperlinks)  This website, the radio spots and all our efforts to promote the Dayton Region are 100% funded by Grunder Landscaping Co, Wesbanco Bank, and Wagner Paving.  We do not take donations.  If you like what we’re doing and want to help out, send us your good news by clicking here or by making a donation to The Foodbank, our favorite Dayton area non profit.